The Cyborg I choose to be…

Online pitfalls and personal productivity

Week 3

Dangers and Opportunities

As I was listening to the different video entries and reading the blog/article, I was trying to compare/contrast my web interactions with the stories.  In terms of dangers and opportunities of using the web:

As Lydia Timmins said, it is important to figure out where and if information is valid.  When I was researching what the new iPhone would look like, I know that I wanted to believe the videos that showed the phone producing a hologram image: 

For me, this is a danger…having to decide whether something I want to be true is or is not.  Another danger is what Eli Pariser mentioned about the online filter bubble.  We have to constantly be aware that social networking preferences change, and that websites edit what they share based on what they believe to be our preference.  I would like to make that selection myself, please.

However, and this is a huge however, these dangers will never prevent me from using the internet and exploring its endless possibilities.  Even though, despite by solid instincts, I am this person:

Today I was asked what was the second largest non-aquatic mammal.  And guess what…google helped me find my answer in 4 seconds.  (Answer: tiger…who knew?)

The ability to think and be able to explore, research, understand is there at the push of a button.  LIkewise, to be able to connect with my brother who lived in Korea for a year for free using Skype, to be able to virtually pin how I would like my apartment to look, to share photos of the awesomeness of life….there is no danger strong enough for me right now to keep my from connecting.

Avoiding the pitfalls

Perhaps its important to see the commercials about having your identity stolen, or seeing the effects of cyber bullying, or watch the videos on spending too much time with social media.  Or maybe, it’s like the quote says:

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”  ~ Chinese Proverb

Perhaps a blog like this can get the discussions going, allowing students to take party in the many features available on the internet.


Managing Information Overload

Mangat did a great job of describing important strategies for overload.  I liked his idea of scheduling time to do social networking, for planning future social networking, and to see what others in the field are doing helps to SET BOUNDARIES.

Currently, my life is a “blend.”  I mix up my work day with personal social networking time and my personal time with work social media/networking.  If I hit that overload, I will keep his scheduling method in mind.

I do keep in mind not to “overexpose myself online.”  I do realize that as many blockers as I put up, things may be passed around and the thought of walking out of an interview naked because someone could see something I wouldn’t typically share, is a huge motivator.