My lack of klout made me rethink the way I cyberlook

The brand called “you”

Week 6

This week’s objective was all about me.  Knowing what connectivism is, what makes a good blog post and having looked at other’s online profiles, it was time to take a step back and look at my online persona with a fresh eye.  After reflecting on my current digital presence, some modifications were made to my feeble attempt at an Image to my page.


As you can see there is no marketing here, only mixed signals.  I had chosen the Scott Mutter photo because I have always been interested in music and because that sort of creativity is inspiring.  Although there is a connection with creativity and education, as an educator, I needed a more direct approach to my career, career interests and personality when creating my Image.

In the original bio, I focused on a checklist format, which is to be honest, so me.  My life is covered in post-its, both real and digital that keeps my life surrounded by constant reminders.  My instinct is to attack assignments and their requirements as a checklist.  However, after viewing the video on “LinkedIn Profile Writer”, I decided that this could be one outlet where people see me and determine to connect.  Honestly, I cyberlooked ugly.

So  it was time to rebrand.  There was some skepticism when I first began because when I was reflecting onTom Petters article,  “The brand called you,” when he discussed the importance of branding oneself, I could only think of the scene from Fight Club.  (Mature Content-think, “you are not your job” scene).

Even though I was happy to complete the assignment, and take part in my new look, I had this scene keeping me grounded.

So here is the newest version:


The focal point is a photo of me (which is somewhat awkward), but hey, if it gets me a higher Klout why not.  Also, the font has been changed and a bit of humor has been included in the bio. Keep in mind that I am fully aware that it may only be humorous to me.  I did not focus too much on all my extra curricular activities this time and instead focused on my math personality.
It is intentionally short for appearance sake.  I did not like having to scroll down originally to view the entire bio.  As I was looking at other examples of, I really felt that having everything visible without scrolling was the best way to intrigue others to keep reading.  “Always keep them wanting more” right?  I agree with you PT Barnum.   In the end I included apps and tags to connect people to my social networkings.  #desperatelyseekingreaders #noneedtoklout