Week 8 – LMS, Edupunk, and the Open Learning Network

Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll understand.”-Chinese Proverb  Isn’t that where this educational technology zeitgeist is heading?

In week 8’s assignment we reflected on the nature of LMSs: what they are good for and what they are in the way of.  We also learned about the concept of Edupunk.  Throughout this week’s course work we were to examine our own teaching practices and determine if we were keeping everything closed by default.  Finally we were introduced to the concept of the open learning network OLN.

Because of this course, I didn’t have to worry about whether I would be comfortable stepping out of the institution supported technologies.  The OLN, being a part of the Google+ conversation, pinning on Pinterest, responding to blogs was required.  Had I not been thrown into the deep end, I don’t know if I would have been comfortable.  So for me, this type of coursework has reshaped the way I view taking a grad class.  Am I comfortable? It is my norm, I was already familiar with the technologies and so it wasn’t so much stepping out as making the connection between my two worlds.

In terms of going Edupunk with today’s learners, let’s quote The Clash, “Are you taking over or taking orders, are you going backwards or are you going forwards?” The internet is ever present in our students’ lives.  Edupunk however, has farther reaching implications than just integrating the internet into the classroom.  This movement speaks to students learning at their own individual level.  Watch this video about the Open High School of Utah and its curriculum that is built from open educational resources.

With the constant need to differentiate instruction, it only makes sense to adopt a DIY approach to hit all needs.  Furthermore, Edupunk promotes student-directed learning.  We constantly say we are preparing students for the real world, preparing them for jobs that currently don’t exist. #shifthappens  It is imperative that students have a choice.  This choice gives them ownership about what they learn and how they use the knowledge.

Watch this video on the Self Organizing Learning Environments at Harambee Elementary School.