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Tool Exploration Project

The special project for this course consisted of finding an online tool, test it out, and document my experience through an online web presence of my choice.  Since I have such a huge following on my wordpress, I of course remained loyal to my many fans.

The project included an analysis of this tool for personal, professional or educational setting.  I chose educational because everything I do in my life revolves around my students…convincing?

A side goal was also to get comfortable with digital storytelling.  My one concern is this: does my voice really sound like that?  After all is said and done, I feel like it was fun to acquaint myself with this tool, research ways to incorporate it into my classroom, and now be able to share it with you.  So here is my Showme.  I hope that you enjoy.

Click on graphic to be sent to my Showme video.

(You may need to have a Showme account to view.  Just go with it. Trust me, it rocks.)

Here are the two videos I referenced in my Showme presentation on the uses of this app. They also used Showme.

Mr. Phillips, 7th grade math teacher

Allen Yee,combinging like terms