The Cyborg I choose to be…

Online pitfalls and personal productivity Week 3 Dangers and Opportunities As I was listening to the different video entries and reading the blog/article, I was trying to compare/contrast my web interactions with the… Continue reading

Social Networking – Week 2

Social Networking Landing page

Personal FERPA statement

I, Kristin Bond, understand and accept that some of my academic work for the fall 2012 semester will be published on the open web.

I also disclose that the work I will be putting up online is done as a part of the EDUC439/639 class at the University of Delaware. The home page of this open class is located at

Unless content put up can potentially damage my online reputation, I also pledge to leave it online until at least December 21, 2012, the end of the fall semester.

Under those terms, I waive parts of my FERPA-granted rights for the purpose of exploring social media and web 2.0, excluding private conversations with colleagues and course grades.